Let us help you protect your business...

We have affiliations with more than 50 of America’s top insurance companies, so we can help you to find the best policy for your particular needs by comparing quotes from many companies in the industry. We will assist you in getting the proper coverage for your business, and that could require several policies instead of one when you have unique situations. We will check with all of our insurance partners to determine the best and most cost effective insurance package for you.

When you own a business, you have many concerns with which to deal, and they all take time. Let our professional agents shop for the best business property insurance policy for your company. They will ask you pertinent questions that will help them to determine which company and policy will best meet your needs at the lowest cost. Not only will they help you save money on insurance premiums, but they will save you hours of insurance shopping time as well.

In this age of litigation, filing a lawsuit is the first thing some people think about if something goes wrong, and not having adequate insurance protection can be a costly mistake for business owners. The comparatively small cost of a good insurance policy will be a valuable asset. Nobody wants to file an insurance claim, but if the need arises, it is a comfort to have a good policy in place. A small error or an accident that can happen in one split second can have devastating consequences for an underinsured business owner. You can have peace of mind when you entrust your insurance needs to Justice Insurance Group. Our skilled agents will give you expert advice about the most affordable insurance policy that will give you the protection you need for your business.

Our seasoned insurance specialists are ready to help answer any questions and provide you with information on each type of policy.

·       Professional Liability

·       Builder’s Risk

·       Business Interruption

·       Employment Practices Liability

·       Surety Bonds

·       Contractor Bonds

·       Group Health

·       Group Life

·       Group Disability

·       Commercial General Liability

·       Commercial Property

·       Business Auto

·       Trucking Insurance

·       Commercial Umbrella

·       Commercial Excess Liability

·       Contractors Equipment (Inland Marine)

·       Pollution Coverage

·       Commercial Crime

·       Directors and Officers